The immune system of a sportsmen

The immune system of a sportsmen:


Повышение иммунитета (Enhance immunity)Physical shape is quite important for a sportsmen, which is why training sessions should be regular and intense. Under the influence of physical exercisers the amount of leukocytes in the blood is changing. Professional athletes often having problems with immune system.

The athlete should strive to the high achievements in sport that is why ones organism works on the limits of its abilities, including the immune system. According to scientific research a dramatic fall in the immune system could be as a result of serious competitions. Therefore the professional athletes are under the risk of infectious illness.

The immune system also depends on physic-emotional component: stress, change of climate, and adaptation to different environment.

Negative influences on the immune system of a sportsmen require intense training. It could result in depletion of protective functions of the organism and their recovery at times only possible under the pessimal treatment. Frequent colds that sometimes last a while is a sign that the athlete has weakened his immune system.


Strengthening the immune system with traditional medicine


  1. The athlete during intense training uses a lot of energy. For its restoration one could eat highly calorific food, especially protein. Protein containing foods provide normal digestion, including vitamins, minerals, and micro-elements.
  2. Some herbs could stimulate immune system, such as echinacea. It is most effective if used as prevention during serious competitions and in first days of illness. Do not overuse it either as there could be a risk of allergy developing.
  3. To prevent infection of airways it is important to eat garlic.
  4. Good influence on immune system are from some special teas: leaves of current, mint and lime tree blossom.
  5. The deficiency of some vitamins could also cause weakening of protective functions of organism. It is recommended to pay attention to zinc and selenium.
  6. The health of intestines is very important for the normal functioning of the organism. Uncontrolled use of antibiotics leads to destroying normal micro flora inside guts, which lower the protective function. Use of probiotics is recommended in this case.
  7. Optimal physical shape of athlete depends on good rest. During the sleep the organism regenerate energy.
  8. Elderberry is a good stimulant to the immune system.
  9. Bad habits, such as drinking and smoking, also prevent us from normal functioning.
  10. To avoid stress from training you should build your training sessions right and eat right.For the professional athlete is very necessary to be ready for new challenges and bad health can only prevent you from that. That is why it is vital to look after your health at all times.
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