Sport and a cold

Sport during a cold


Cold is a general name of a chronic disease which caused by hypothermia. There are following symptoms of  a common cold:


–                 Rapid exposure to a disease within about 2 days

–                 Possible rheum and lacrimation

–                 Cough

–                 Sore throat

–                 General weakness of the organism

–                 High body temperature


Colds in medicine some times called SARS — severe acute respiratory syndrome which in no way connected to flue.  On another hand SARS could not be easily distinguished from flue.

  Can you train while having a cold?

 Sports and cold are not compatible. Research by American scholars shows that you can exercise during mild symptoms of cold but only in moderate pace, not to harm your health. Power load training as “body building” in this case is harmful to health.

In average statistics shows that human get ill around 3-5 times a year, latent period from one to three weeks. During this time sportsmen are strongly advised not to continue the training.


In Tomas Widner’s research 50 participants were inoculated with infected serum and were observed during 10 days. During this experiment half of tested people had to exercises and the other half didn’t.


In the end both groups of people showed the same speed of recovery but those who exercised recovered harder than those who didn’t. In this research was used mild serum of common cold relatively harmless to health. In real life everything is different, one could catch different kind of a virus which could result in complications on heart and respiratory system. Physical exercises are not recommended to prevent complications with health: from exacerbation of anabolic process to simply destroying muscle tissue. Therefore, nothing good could be brought by exercising during illness.



From everything said before we can conclude that sport and cold are not compatible. You will not get any positive results during the illness. All sport activities should be put away till full recovery when you will feel much much better.

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